Our Beneficiaries


  1. Non-profit shares the details of the program and the list of beneficiaries
  2. Deliverables are shared
  3. A curriculum is created based on the needs and deliverable defined by the non profit

Mentor & student volunteer assigned

  1. Student volunteer is assigned to the program.
  2. Mentor curates & organizes lesson plans along with the volunteer
  3. Milestones are created for measuring impactful delivery.
  4. The program schedule is shared with the non-profit coordinator


  1. A reminder is sent to the beneficiary & NGO Coordinator.
  2. A link is shared with the beneficiary & the Non-Profit’s coordinator.
  3. Online video volunteering sessions are conducted
  4. The beneficiary fills the feedback after each session.
  5. These video sessions are recorded and kept for a specific period of time.


  1. Mentors & non profit coordinators monitor progress
  2. Milestones are measured at regular intervals
  3. In case of any escalation the beneficiary reaches out to the mentor/ non profit coordinator.


  1. The program is completed when the defined deliverables are deemed achieved.
  2. The milestones are recorded in the profile.

Journey Ahead

  1. Most programs offered are in a progressive series.
  2. We encourage the beneficiaries to then move to the next level of the upskilling program.