PROBLEM: – The youth are important for our country’s growth, and their success will contribute to India’s prosperity. Nowadays, success is often linked to having a good career and salary. To achieve this, young people face many challenges. They work hard and sacrifice their happiness to prepare for exams and study in engineering colleges. This pressure can cause frustration, depression, and stress. Some may even turn to unhealthy habits like smoking to cope.

ACTION: – The UMEED Foundation and ISKCON Varanasi organized “EDU-FIESTA 2022” for the youth. This program aimed to uncover hidden talents through cultural, sports, and academic activities. About 170 students from engineering colleges, including IIT BHU and MNNIT Allahabad, participated with 45 volunteers’ support. The event took place from February 27 to March 5, 2022, featuring dramas, workshops, classes, sightseeing, music, dance, and more, bringing joy and excitement. The total cost was Rs 3 lakhs.

IMPACT: – The EDU-FIESTA 2022 event had a positive impact on the youth by reducing stress and promoting happiness. They enjoyed activities like singing, dancing, drama, debate, and discussions, which boosted their confidence. They also received career guidance, attended skill-based classes, and got tips for exams like UPSC and IIMs. Sightseeing trips allowed them to express their creativity. This event taught them to value happiness in the present and not just wait for success in their careers.