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Happy Govardhan Puja

From all of us at UMEED Happy Govardhan Puja

Krishna’s foster father Nanda and the rest of the villagers were once preparing for a Puja.

Krishna, who was a young boy then was curious to know what the people of his village were doing and he was told that the Puja arrangements were being made to please Indra Dev so that he could bless them with ample rain for good harvest.

Lord Krishna, who believed in Karma, told the villagers to do their duty and not get worried about something that they can’t control. He was of the opinion that one must do his duty and not worry about the consequences or expect something in return. People got convinced by Lord Krishna’s views so villagers did not perform any puja. This made Indra Dev angry so he caused torrential rains and thunderstorms to destroy the village.

Krishna understood Indra’s intention and to save the villagers, he lifted the Govardhan Parvat on his little finger. The villagers along with their cattle and other belongings took shelter under the Govardhan Parvat for seven days. After seeing Krishna’s leela and divine power, Indra Dev had to withdraw the rains and thunderstorms.

Lord Krishna wanted to teach a lesson to Indra Dev that Ego, pride, anger and hatred destroy everything and one can not earn respect and love by force and compulsion

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