Hunger Night

PROBLEM: – A difficult scenario prevails in the vicinity of the Durgakund temple, where approximately 300 people, including daily wage labourers and homeless beggars, struggle to afford even a single meal. They frequently find themselves without enough money to feed themselves due to meagre earnings from labour or begging. Unfortunately, they cannot always find work, leaving them hungry and without food for the entire day, forcing them to sleep on the streets.

ACTION: – Recognising the critical need for assistance, the UMEED Foundation has launched a food distribution programme to address this need. Six dedicated volunteers visit the areas surrounding the Durgakund temple every night and deliver approximately 200 food packages to those in need, primarily daily wage labourers and beggars.

IMPACT: – During the 2022-23 period, the UMEED Foundation made a significant impact by daily delivering 20,000 food packets to street-dwelling residents in the Durgakund neighbourhood. This caring approach has resulted in positive transformation, ensuring that these people enjoy a nutritious food. As a result, their sleepless nights without meals have been reduced, and they no longer have to go through the day hungry. The continuous commitment of the UMEED Foundation in Varanasi has made a huge difference in the lives of the region’s affected people.