PROBLEM: – Growing old can be tough. It can make people feel alone, scared, and unloved, especially in old age homes. Some elderly live with their children, but nowadays it’s harder for them to stay with family. Children sometimes send them to old age homes to avoid taking care of them. There’s a saying: “Your parents showed you the world, and in return, you showed them the old age home.” It makes fun of children who can care for themselves and their young ones but see their parents as a burden, prioritizing their own happiness.

ACTION: – UMEED Foundation took a step to help parents living in old age homes. This help may not heal their emotional wounds caused by their children, but it was done as a kind gesture. On July 18, 2022, around 10 UMEED Foundation volunteers visited an old age home in Varanasi. There were about 25+ elderly people living there. We brought packets of cooked food and not only gave them out but also helped feed the parents in the dining room. We also brought extra food in case someone wanted more. The total cost of the food distribution was Rs 40,759.

IMPACT: – When our volunteers gave out food at the old age home, it made the people there very emotional. Some even started crying. As we served them food, they felt happy and ate with excitement. Some asked for seconds, and our volunteers kindly gave them more. Some of the elderly people began talking to our volunteers and treated them like their own children. They were happy to have someone to talk to and shared stories from their younger days. While eating, they said how happy they were and mentioned that it had been a long time since they had enjoyed such tasty food.