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Umeed Social and Economic Development is in Rajasthan.

Umeed Social and Economic Development Raisinghnagar In Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Raisinghnagar, a program of distribution of school uniforms was organized for the economically weaker children with the help of donors, a total of 50 students from class one to five A total of 50 students were distributed uniforms with the support of Umeed Foundation NGO, Member of the NGO, Engineer Vikas Mangal said on this occasion that I had to face a lot of difficulties while studying and it is my dream that the troubles I have to face I am working to provide support to the society through Umeed Social and Economic Development NGO.He told the children to move forward with confidence, in the program, thanks to all the guests were thanked by the Principal Babita Devi, the stage was conducted by Ajay Mehta teacher, in the program by the MLA. Nominated SDMC member Councilor Kamal Chawla, Councilor Deepika Saraswat Ashok Sethia and school staff were present