PROBLEM: – Begging is a difficult circumstance faced by families in extreme poverty or homelessness. The children of beggars suffer the most, lacking basic necessities like education and nutritious food. Parents often believe that sending their children to school is not feasible because they rely on their children’s help in begging for money. As a result, these children are denied the opportunity to receive an education and are exposed to negative influences, which can lead them towards a life of crime.

ACTION: – UMEED Foundation partnered with Urmila Devi Society to provide education and two daily meals to 50 children from beggar families. Meals were prepared hygienically. Banaras Hindu University students assisted in teaching and distributing food. The initiative cost Rs 21,919. Additionally, six volunteers organized an Independence Day flag-raising ceremony at Urmila Devi Society school. Over 25 children attended, and sweets/snacks were distributed. The event cost Rs 6,000.

IMPACT: – The UMEED Foundation overcame challenges and emphasized education’s importance to convince parents to send their children to school. Providing meals motivated enrollment. Children actively participated, built relationships, and excelled academically. During Independence Day, they celebrated with teachers and parents. This initiative breaks the poverty cycle by offering education and nourishment. UMEED Foundation is committed to empowering marginalized children and ending begging.