PROBLEM: – Old age homes provide housing and care for older people who need help with daily tasks and medical support. However, residents may face challenges like loneliness and isolation. Being away from family can cause sadness and poor mental health. While there are chances to socialize, forming close friendships can be difficult due to age differences, diverse backgrounds, and varying health conditions.

ACTION: – On September 23, 2022, on a special day for making a positive impact, 10 volunteers from UMEED Foundation and O9 Solutions, a software company, visited “Apna Ghar Sewa Sansthan,” an old age home in Patna and Lucknow. In both centers, there were more than 20 people of similar age. The volunteers met the elderly residents, had lunch with them, and spent quality time together. They wanted to learn about their daily activities and how they felt living in the old age homes. The total cost of the visit was Rs 40,000.

IMPACT: – The elderly residents shared their life stories, and the volunteers listened and shared their own stories. The residents were happy to have the volunteers and treated them like family. The volunteers tried to bring happiness to their lives, even though they couldn’t erase all their pain.