PROBLEM: – Varanasi has many talented people in different fields like academics, writing, singing, music, dancing, painting, and drawing. Table tennis is a popular sport among the people of Varanasi, especially children. However, the city lacks proper facilities and coaching centers for table tennis. Schools also don’t have suitable setups for the game. As a result, children play table tennis in small rooms, gardens, or public places, which affects their practice. They struggle to perform well in competitions and often get eliminated in district, state, or national championships.

ACTION: – The UMEED Foundation, a responsible organization, joined forces with “RAJPOOT & COMPANY” to create a modern table tennis academy in Varanasi. The academy offers year-round training and a customized curriculum for students of all ages and skill levels. Ten dedicated UMEED volunteers worked tirelessly to establish this unique center, with a total investment of Rs 40,530.

IMPACT: – The table tennis academy brought positive results for the students. They made new friends from different schools and enjoyed the physical and mental benefits of playing the sport. The academy also encouraged family participation, allowing students to play with their parents and siblings. To make it affordable, the UMEED Foundation set a minimal fee of Rs 200 per month or Rs 500 for a one-year membership. Over 40 students eagerly registered on the first day, showing a great response.