Our Volunteers Journey

Registration & Selection

The volunteer will register on the portal & get a profile page which will list the schedule of activities. Via the registration page, the volunteer can select in order of preference from a list of programs available.


After registration, the volunteer will be assigned a mentor. The needs and interests are mapped with the program and a program is allocated. This mentor will be available to the volunteer throughout the program for help & guidance.


The schedule is fixed prior to the program commencement based on the volunteer and beneficiary availability. 

SMS alarm/s will go out as a reminder for every session.

Online Video Sessions

All volunteering sessions will be conducted online via video links. The minimum duration of each session is an hour.

These video sessions will be recorded and stored for a specified period of time.

Milestones & Feedback

Milestones will be created which have to be met within the given timelines to keep track of the impact of the program.

After each session, feedback will be given by the mentor & by the beneficiary which will be stored on the profile page.


After the completion of the program, certifications for the work done along with performance curve & learning curves will be shared.

Profile Page

This is unique to each volunteer and details the projects undertaken, the NGO Certificates and Reports of all completed projects.

This easily accessible Profile Page is maintained by Umeed for 2 year after completing the last project. However, this page can be maintained indefinitely by paying a small maintenance fee.