Upcoming Mega Youth Event of East UP

East UP's Famous Youth Carnival on 16th and 17th April, 2022. To book your place and know more please visit our website.

About Us

Umeed Social and Economic Development is a non-profit organization, incorporated under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956 (No. 1 of 1956). The company is private limited and founded by professionals from varying fields.

Umeed Social and Economic Development is an NGO that works towards the betterment of children, youths, and women. We aim to serve the community by empowering them with facilities related to education, healthcare, and rural development initiatives.

The Umeed has 12A, 80G, ISO, FSSAI, and MSME certifications.


Umeed Social and Economic Development aim at providing a stress-free, healthy, highly competent, skilled community focused on holistic wellness and livelihood.


To educate, empower, and provide healthcare and livelihood support to 1 million beneficiaries by the year 2030.


SAMSKARA is an iniatiative of UMEED Foundation. SAMSKARA stands for:


For Educating Youths


For Satisfying Hunger


For Building Character


For Promoting Culture


For Protecting Animals


For Nurturing Teens


For Creating Leaders


For Living Healthy



Youths are empowered when instilled with the right training and education. Keeping this as our priority, we educate students through.

Industry Focused Trainings:

Far This involves arranging student-corporate interactions through live sessions and online classes.

Technical Trainings:

Across a range of subjects such as web/app development, functional programming and data science/machine learning.

Skill Development Workshop:

In-person workshops focused not just on technical trainings but on softer aspects such as communication, leadership and team building.



Food is a basic necessity for every individual. We run the following two programs to feed the needy fellow citizens:

Regular Food Distribution:

We do daily food distribution at our authorized centers in Varanasi and Prayagraj, throughout the day, where anyone can come and take fresh, health, sumptuous meals for free.

Emergency Food Relief:

Extending our food distribution to the most valuable section of our society - daily wage workers and other urban poor.



FIt’s extremely important to give children the right values at the right time, to help them become individuals of great character. We facilitate this through.

Value Education Initiatives:

Every year we conduct value empowerment contests in schools to inspire and educate students in the right values from life-transforming wisdom distilled from Indian epics and literatures.

Personality Analysis Test (PAT):

We conduct a unique "Personality Analysis test" in colleges to help students analyze and improve their IQ, EQ & SQ.

Deaddiction Compaigns:

Youth festivals and Deaddiction camps are conducted regularly to inspire and encourage youths, to lead a healthy addiction-free life.



India’s rich cultural heritage can be preserved by propagation and promotion. Hence, we provide a stage for talented artists to showcase their artistic, theatrical, musical, and dance skills to people.

Arts And Craft:

Artists perform speed painting, sand art, and similar arts edu-taining the masses.


We give a stage for the students to display their theatrical talent and impact lives by conveying a life-transforming message.

Music and Dance:

Classical dances like Bharatnatyam and Kathakali, modern Shadow dance and Light dance, Mantra FUsion, to cater to the values of life and also give the audience a wonderful experience.



In ancient Indian scriptures, even animals are counted equivalent to human beings, as “praja” (i.e. dependent upon government). With this vision in mind, we run the following initiatives:

Food and shelter Initiatives:

Provide shelter, food and medical care (as needed) for stray animals.

Awareness Compaigns:

Generating awareness around animal rights and cruelty via videos, presentation and literature backed up by research.

Provide Fodder Iniative:

We also provide fodder for cows to different goshalas in Varanasi, Prayagraj and Gorakhpur, who are in need.



Let talent not remain hidden due to a lack of financial support! We facilitate talented students in their academics by providing following facilities:


We provide them scholarships for college fees and purchasing stationary and books.


We provide free accommodation to selected students in our Youth centers, equipped with library and study room facilities.

Stress-Free Living:

Hot and sumptuous meals are served to our residential students trice every day. they stay in a balanced environment of both studies and constructive recreations.



Leadership means having the right combination of ability and attitude. We do following activities for youths to bring out the hidden leader within them:

Artha Forum:

We provide a platform for the student-corporate interactions to inspire the entrepreneur within their young mind.

Mega Youth Festivals:

Annual Mega Youth Festivals, focused on bringing the immense potential within our youth via inspirational lectures and workshops with eminent personalities.

Principle Centred Leadership (Training and Hands on):

Workshops and seminars focused on developing leadership and team management skills, leveraging principles from management and behavioral science.



Through Arogya we aim to provide a healthy body and a healthy mind to everyone. We conduct following activities to bring our goal into reality:

Medical Camps:

Training sessions focused on generating life-style awareness, across schools, colleges and corporate houses.

Lifestyle Training sessions:

We conduct monthly seminars in schools, colleges and corporate houses, to educate and inspire people towards a healthy lifestyle.

Yoga Retreats:

Yoga, Mantra and Meditation sessions for children, youth and adult-enabling them to discover themselves!

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Our activities

Anti-Addiction Program

Give Awareness and Preventive De-addiction Training to all. 

Deaf Retreat

A list of series of events for children who are deaf.

Food For Life

Give free food to the people and community support.

Value Empowerment

Help students overcome stress, depression and equip with a Positive Mental Attitude.

Vocational Training

Help needy students with skill development and personality development.

Cultural Fest

To provide stage to the young talents of the country and promote Ancient Indian Culture. 



An Skill Training Workshop, to facilitate young minds to nurture their talents and fuel their dreams of developing softwares. 


A Mega Youth Program, organized to educate and inspire over 3k youths from Colleges and Schools for Anti-Addiction, Anti-Stress and motivating them for a Positive Value Based Lifestyle.


Annual Mega Youth Festival, focused on bringing the immense potential within our youth via inspirational lectures and workshops with eminent personalities.

Online Courses

Self-Development Series

Life Lessons from Ramayana

Bring Out the best in you Webinar

other resources